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Road Rage in the Grocery Store?

January 8, 2013


When you walk into a store or into a shop and you have an elderly person walking right next to you what do you do?

What about when you are walking in a busy area and you accidently bump into someone or someone accidently bumps into you?

Or how about when you are walking on the street and someone needs to get across and you are side by side?


Well for me and most people the answers to the questions are simple…

**You step aside and open the door for the elderly women and allow her to go in front of you.

**You say pardon me, when you bump into each other in a busy area. And you attempt to stay out of each other’s way.

**You step back and allow the person to get over so they can cross the street..



This form of etiquette should be common sense to people … THEN WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS TO PEOPLE WHEN THEY GET INTO A CAR.

I was driving around the other day, in a new town, trying to find my way around and sure enough had to make a (semi) last minute turn to get on the freeway. And what happens of course, well you all know, the big asshole in front of me chooses to speed up and not allow me to get on the freeway!

WTF is wrong with people. Why is that when you are stripped down to you bear minimum you act as though you are walking into a church or meeting someone’s grandmother, yet when you get behind the wheel of your giant lifted truck with studded tires and a license plate that says brn2kill you feel the need to parade your “toughness” all over the road and show that little old lady who is just trying to switch lanes that “YOU ARE A BOSS”

I cannot seem to understand how some people can be so dumb. How often are you were walking into a grocery store and a little old couple is walking in front of you.. you are patiently waiting for them to get to the door and then you say, “YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK THIS, MOVE OLD LADY” and you push by and flip off the old couple as you walk by!!

That never happens unless you are protected by your 2 ton piece of scrap medal that you have covered in lame bumper stickers and decals that say, “ I like it when you ride my A#$”


I challenge all of you! DON’T BE AN ASS…. The next time you are driving to work, or to the store or two the gym try and be a decent person. DON’T speed up when you can tell someone is trying to get over, just let them over. When someone accidently cuts you off don’t act all tough and honk your horn like an idiot and scream outrageous comments that only you and your steering wheel can here (because you look stupid to everyone else)

And please for the love of god, stop picking your nose its gross and we can all see you!!!



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