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Blogging to tackle more then just politics

November 19, 2011

 Normally I would not blog about blogging. But this blog title caught my eye and I had to share it. It is the story of Jaelithe Judy, a woman who has been blogging about politics since 2007. The difference between this blogger and many others is the combination of what she blogs about. She is a political mom blogger. She spends her time talking about politics all the while including her son. So, not only is this women and the rest of her “momocrats” incredibly politically active, they also share how they can spend all this time educating themselves all the while educating and taking care of their children.

These moms feel it is very important to show their children what it means to be politically active. The post on quoted Jaelith Judy  saying, “I think it’s really important to raise children with a sense of public responsibility,” Judy said. “One of the values I want to instill in my son is this idea that as an American citizen, he’s responsible for paying attention to what the government is doing so later, when he’s old enough to vote, he’s empowered to make rational decisions.”

Her son Isaac is becoming very aware of politics and how important it is to not his mother, but to the world as well. These parents spend a lot of time being politically active, but this does not mean they neglect their parenting duties. “When parents become involved and talk about it, you become a model for your kids, and then they understand that it’s their responsibility to seek out news and information you can trust and make solid decisions on,” said Teichman, from Political Mommentary blog..

 These women take their blog very seriously. They not only worry about what each other feel and see, but they also allow for their children to be active. If mommy and daddy are talking about a politician or specific bill, they children are right their giving their piece.

This blog made me think a lot about how people balance their personal life and their professional life. A lot of people think of their job or their family. Rarely are the two connected. When you are at work you wish you could be home with your family. And when you are with your family, sometimes you can’t help but think about work. There has to be balance.

What these women have shown me it is never too early to start teacher each other or our children ideas about the world, politics, business, or personal life stories. It is never too early to share your viewpoints with your family. This will help keep your mind active as well as activating the minds of others. It also can be important to maintain your balance of work and personal life

I also commend these women for taking on such a highly controversial topic, and introducing it to their children so young. If you have the strength to tackle such a hot topic at such a young age, you will be very successful as you get older.

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