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Tragedy Strikes Reno Once More: People Stick together to help our Community

November 18, 2011



Our community here in Reno Nevada cannot seem to catch a break. We have dealt with tragedy after tragedy followed by another tragedy. First we had the air races where we lost many of our community members as a plane crashed into the audience. Then we had a devastating shooting out in our states capital at an I Hop, loosing yet more of our family and friends here in Nevada. Now on November 18th into the evening hours of the 19th our city is fighting yet another tragedy. Fire burst through homes in Reno near the Caughlin ranch area. Thankfully only one life has been lost, although that in itself is a tragedy. Many homes have been burnt to the ground. (25 so far) and many people have been forced from their homes.

This is a time where “people” are our best hope. I right blog after blog about customer service and how we need to learn to get to know the people who we are working with in order to serve them. But tonight I move down another road and take a look at the people who are serving me. The men and women who have spent hour upon hour out in our city trying to contain this fire have caught my attention in more than one way. Not only are they doing their job, but they are risking their lives so we can do ours. One of our local reporters here in Reno almost lost his home to the fire, and on tv he said that he asked one of the firefighters if he should start watering down his house and land, the firefighter, who has already most likely been up for hours insisted that he go ahead and head to work, that he (the firefighter) would take care of his home.

Firefighters battle the Pinehave Fire in southwest Reno the morning of Friday, Nov. 18, 2011. Photo by David B. Parker.

These are the type of acts that make a world worth living in. This fire is devastating, and unfortunately many people are left without homes.  But what we can see is people coming together to help people. People coming together to help those who have lost their homes have food, and shelter, for not only themselves but for their pets as well. Face book, and twitter have blown up with people offering services of all sorts to try and help. Even our local news stations who have be on the air non stop all day making sure that everyone is aware of what is going on and how to proceed with finding out information.

It is incredible to watch.  This is not machines, or products at work trying to keep our city safe. It is people helping people.

When I got to work this morning the very first message on our answering machine was a family offering out their home to a fellow co-worker of mine, who has a family and lives in the evacuated area. It is amazing. Although this is a terrible time for Nevada, and we seem to be catching one flu after another, our city has stayed strong. People are taking time out of their lives to do whatever they can to help others.  This is not of a time to feel sorry for our city, but a time to celebrate the hard working citizens we have here. All those who have lost family members or homes over the past few months should know they have a wonderful community behind them

Radio stations, Television stations, and local shops are putting together all sorts of help stops for all the families that have been affected by the air races, Ihop shooting, and the caughlin fire.

Bob Weiner hoses down the area around his Ridgeview Drive home to help protect it from the nearby Caughlin Fire in southwest Reno the morning of Friday, Nov. 18, 2011.

Although all of these incidents have been tragic it is beautiful to see our little city stand up and work together to ensure the safety of our people.

If you haven’t already I encourage everyone to jump online and find a way to help!!

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