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Boredom breeds bad behavior

November 11, 2011

Misbehaving in the workplace is common. It is also common at home, or in school or at family dinners. Why do people misbehave? Is it because they are negligent? It is because they are bored? Is it because they just want to? The answer is yes. It is all of them. People misbehave for many reasons. Normally it is not because they want to upset you. But in some cases that is the reason.  

 A  study done by Bruursemaa, Kesslerb, and Spector (2011) showed that employees that are bored are more likely to misbehave then those who are not.  I have seen this in many of my current co-workers. When business is slow many people try to find other things to do, so they get into trouble. Spot these people early and make sure you find things for them to do.

Don’t just give them busy work, because even with busy work to do people are going to get bored. Take the time you have when business is slow to get to know your employees. This is the time to give them some more responsibilities and to motivate them. When business is crazy it is hard for you to really get to know your employees because you are so worried about trying to make sure the building doesn’t fall down.

So do not take forgranted employee’s free time.

Don’t allow for employees spend their free time getting in trouble, let them spend their free time exploring new areas of the business. You will be surprised what you find. You may find that person who has extraordinarily good customer service skills, or that person who is amazing with computers. The problems we see in many companies is high turnover. People leave because they don’t feel like they had a chance to advance or move forward with a company. If you really look at your employees you are going to find many hidden talents that you or they never knew they had. If you give them the opportunity to find their own talents, you will be able to utilize your employees in more ways than ever noticed.

 Finding these talents within your already existing customers will really help your company promote within. This will help your company build their credibility as a place to work and a trustworthy place to work.  Promoting within will also help your company with recruiting, retention, cost savings, flexibility, and culture fit, (On Staffing, by Aaron Green)

So pay attention to your employees, see them when they are bored, see them when they need help and most of all see them as an asset to your company.

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