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Seinfeld and Customer Service

November 10, 2011

When we watch television the things we find funny are the things that remind us of our everyday encounters. When kids are running around the grocery store, or you get in a fight with a co-worker, or even when you encounter horrible customer service.  The following video is a funny clip from Seinfeld where the lady at the car rental has to deal with a somewhat upset, sarcastic Jerry Seinfeld. What do you think about her customer service?

So you notice that Jerry was extremely sarcastic and angry about the fact that their reservation was not upheld and they did not receive the car that he had wished. You notice the first thing the lady says that is something we want to avoid as customer service reps is, “I know what a reservation is”. In this situation thankfully, Jerry was not as angry as some customers could be. You want to avoid undermining your customers. If they say you don’t know something, just move on.

Another thing to keep in mind is when you move to talk to your supervisor all the creditability you once had is now lost. The customer will assume that you do not have any authority, thus will not treat you with respect, especially and angry customer. Customers want to talk to people with power, and the second you let them know that you don’t have any, they will move on.

So now lets look at one more clip from Seinfeld..


Sometimes customers don’t actually want a solution for a problem. Sometimes they just want you to admit you did something wrong. Sometimes it is ok to admit, yes I did something wrong, how can I help to fix it. You want to make sure you are not admitting to something that you or your company is not responsible. For example, in this clip, the dry cleaner actually admitted they had done something wrong; in this case, it was the companies fault. If policies are broken by the customer and there are legitimate sources such as sighed forms by the customer or consent releases make sure you do not admit to something, just because your customer wants to hear you say, you are wrong.

So remember, do not admit to something just because you have a customer who is forcing you to. Think of what it is they are actually asking, and then determine if it was the companies fault, or lack of understanding by the customer.

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