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November 4, 2011

We have learned that when trying to motivate people to do some sort of task in the workplace or outside, it is impossible to motivate them all the same way.

You do not motivate people based just on the job they are doing. Some jobs require more work then others. Some jobs require more physical or hands on, while others require more cognitive and creative thinking.

You do not motivate people based just on the person they are.                          Some people are more intrinsically motivated while others are more extrinsically motivated. Some people are shy and do not like public praise, others are extremely extroverted.

You do not motivate people based just on their sex.                                                    Women do better in social situations, men do better with labor, and women like to be publicly recognized where men like to compete.

You do not motivate people based just on their location.                                              People who live in a richer dominant neighbor hood may not be as motivate by money as those who live in the projects

You do not motivate people just because

So the question is what do we motivate by?

The answer, ALL OF THEM

You can not just motivate people by one aspect or another. It is important to really analyze the people you are working with to find a specific specialized way of motivating that person. You gift wrap each individual persons motivational techniques and hand them directly to them. Not one motivational technique should be alike.

A video done by RSanimate goes into detail via words and pictures about what motivates employees, how certain rewards motivates them, and why certain motivational techniques do and don’t work. In the video he mentions “as long as the task involved only used mechanical skills, bonus rewards worked as expected, higher pay resulted in higher performance, but once you go beyond rudimentary skills the rewards do not motivate Mo the same way.

Motivational techniques depend on a number of different variables. There is not one right way to motivate all employees. But you can find a way to motivate each employee individually.

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