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October 30, 2011

When working with your customers it is important to make sure they understand what you are trying to tell them. Making sure that at the end of the conversation they know exactly what you said, why you said it, and what the next step is for them to make. 2 key ideas to look at is their level of Focusing, and their level of concentration. But what is the difference between the two.

Focusing occurs right in the moment, for example, take a basket ball team, they are messing around and the coach yells “FOCUS” right away they stop what they are doing and their attention in focused on the coach.  Or when you are in class and you are talking to your friends, you teacher says “focus” you stop talking immediately and look forward.

Concentrating is the level or time at which you stay focused. Take the basketball players again, they are paying attention to the coach, but then slowly a few of them start dribbling the ball, or take a shot, their concentration time is low, they cannot stay focused very long. Or in the class room, you are paying attention to the teacher and then you start taking great notes, you are concentrating and you focus has stuck.

So when talking to our customers we must determine one, if they are focused, and two if they are actually concentrated. A lot of the time, especially with angry customers, they come up and are looking for you to fix their problems. They normally may seem focused when you are explaining the situations, but they are not concentrating. Make sure that they initially are focused and understand you are here to help, and then that they are actually listening and concentrating while you find a solution.

This also applies when just giving information. They may be focused on you, but not hearing a word you say. So be able to recognize that. Typically you will notice many nonverbal communication moves such as raised brows’, or scratching of the head. If you notice these, they are not hearing what you are saying, so slow down, re-ward, or start over.

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