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Who am I talking to?

October 28, 2011


When you are blogging, tweeting, or face booking, who are you really talking to? Initially when I began using social media for anything I was under the impression that I was talking to my friends and co-workers. I was wrong. The people who know you aren’t the ones searching for your content, it is the people who don’t know your. It is your customers!

 I recently read a few articles that talked about how you are not blogging for yourself or your friends and co-workers. You are blogging for your customers. They are the ones who are out there doing performance searches. Seeing who the competition is and what company they feel they should invest their time and money into. And how do you gain their commitment? You talk to them, you build trust and respect by creating strong bonds and relationships!

 Lisa Barone States the following facts in her blog post,

 “Should SMBs Blog to Customers or Colleagues?

 Your customers are performing searches.

You need to build authority with customers, not colleagues.

You want to start conversations with customers, not colleagues.

Your customers are checking for your pulse, no one else.

 So keep in mind when you are tweeting, and writing blogs. Everyone that knows you…already knows you…so write to the people who don’t!

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