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October 13, 2011

We as humans always tend to over look things. Things such as details, overall pictures, signs, sound. We even over look people. As a business professional finishing up my degree it is very important for me to stay noticed! And staying noticed can sometimes be a very difficult task. Being noticed doesn’t just mean, someone says hi to you in the workplace, or they say, hey that was a good job. Being noticed is when your employers see you as an asset to the company because of the skills you posses, are learning, or can obtain. Here are some tips for keeping yourself in the spot light without actually taking over the spot light!

Casually mention things you are learning in school or at other seminars in non work related conversations. For example, if you are taking classes on computer programs such as excel, say something along the lines of, “I just created this amazing excel spread sheet for all of my personal expenses, my bills are automatically updated and I don’t even have to lift a finger and it will tell me everything I owe, when it is due and how much I have paid so far.” This will automatically spark a response in your employer, to think hey, my company could use your knowledge to create a budget for this month.

 For another example, pretend your work in a company where leadership is important, demonstrate the leadership qualities you posses without being asked. If you give yourself opportunities to be leader your employer will notice.  Leaders don’t sit back and wait for opportunities, they make their own.

 Never tell your employer you can do something better then they can. Show them your idea by actively acting out your idea. For example, if your company is struggling with the process of pre-shift duties, such as, clocking in, getting changed, and getting to work in a timely manner, show them when you come in what you think a better process is. If you do this many times your employer will notice

You must remember to act over tell. People respond more to visual ideas then they do to verbal. Show your employers that you have the skills, knowledge and abilities to do certain tasks over just telling them I can do it. Step into the spot light on your own and you will shine in it for a long time.

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