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Angry Customers

September 22, 2011

A customer came into my work the other day in a terrible mood. She rushed through the door, ran straight to the front of my desk, slammed down her purse and stared into my eyes. First thought was, Oh crap, what did I do? Second thought was, what is her deal? And my final thought was, how am I going to handle this.

How employees handle situations like these are what separates a good customer service representative from a bad one. Here are some tips to help you deal with an extremely upset customer without.

1. Don’t look at them like they are confusing you. When these customers come into your work place they are ready to complain about their day, not asking your for help. They will complain about the morning, their kids, the traffic on the way over, and the lack of parking in the parking lot. They will also be upset about the temperature in the building. They key is to be concerned. Whether you want to or not. We all have been in that situation and know body likes when some stares at you like you’re a damn idiot.  

2. Make sure you understand what the problem is that you are actually going to be able to help them with. You cannot control traffic or parking spaces, but you can control your understanding of what they need.  Make sure you know what they are asking for, if they are asking for nothing, your job is to listen, agree, and have sympathy. If there is something you can do follow the next rule.

3. STICK WITH POLICIES! Don’t feel pressured to make exceptions because they are upset. They will respect you more (maybe not now) but in the future for keeping consistent.

4. End on a good note. Don’t apologize for them having a bad day. They already know they had one and they don’t need an apology. This is where your good customer employee relationships will come in handy. If you can think quickly, remind them of other “good” conversations the two of you have had. And hope they will smile, walk away and not ask to speak with your manger.

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