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September 14, 2011

“People are your mirrors”  Dean Hinitz, Ph.D. University of Nevada, Reno . This phrase “people are your mirrors” caught my attention this morning September 14, 2011 in my psychology course. As my professor orbited around the idea that mirrors (people) are used as  a resource of determining a persons personal psychology, I began to reflect on how these “mirrors” can also be used in a managerial approach.

Mirrors are strong and powerful tools as they stand alone, but we as humans have the capability of acting as mirrors in a less abrupt manner. Remember this when you  are working with your employees, new or old, or assisting a customer. Your success reflects your effort, and that person you are working with will reflect YOU!

Success is what you make it, and success is created by your efforts. Use people as resources to show you what you are doing right or wrong. They will tell you. Your employees or customers will respond to you with the same feeling you use towards them. If you are angry, they are angry, if you are frustrated they will become frustrated.

To give an example, take gas station attendants;  society has unfortunately branded them as non educated, low-class working individuals. Because of that brand, the majority of people treat these attendants with very little respect and in return the customer receives poor service. I challenge you! Next time you are in a gas station treat your attendant how you would treat your college professor or your current employer, see what differences appear.  Whats the worst that can happen?

You pay for your coffee!

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